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Style Manual

Style manual provides guidance and sets out rules for the usage of logo design on different media such as printed documents, web site etc.

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Iconic Logo / Symbol

An iconic logotype focuses on a symbol/illustration with your company name typeset alongside.

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Wordmark logo focuses on your company name more so than on any symbol/illustration.

Wordmark logotype examples:

Wordmark Logo Design Examples


Please provide as much information as possible, especially in Project Brief (part B of this form) as it helps our designers to better under your requirements. Please also read our terms and conditions before submitting your order.

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a - Contact Information

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b - Creative Brief

Company Name * The name as you want it to appear on your logo
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An ideal slogan should consist of 3-5 easy to understand words. e.g. Nike's "Just Do It!"
Would you like an iconic or a wordmark logo?
Colors you would like to see in your logo

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Please note that these color choices are meant only to give us a rough idea of your preferences and are in no way specific choices.

Please also note that your design will be developed using spot colors and not in RGB or web-safe colors.

Read: What are Pantone, Spot and RGB Colors?
Colors you would not like to see in your logo

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Logo Usage * Where do you plan to use your logo? (e.g. web site, print, embroidery, t-shirts etc.)
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About Your Company Please describe your company and the business it conducts in detail.
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Are you inspired by logos of other businesses, e.g.. Intel, Ford, AOL, Nike etc. If the logos are of local, smaller or unknown businesses, then please also state their websites.
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c - Package and Add-ons

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Optional Add-ons:
Custom-made Style Manual ($115.00)
Custom Slogan / Tagline ($80.00)
Letterhead for use in MS Word ($30.00)
Web hosting services for my web site ($95.00 for one year)
Register/renew domain name for my web site ($15.00 for one year)
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