Logo Design Package

Logo Design Package

After due revisions and modifications, your logo design package will be prepared and made ready for shipment once you have approved the logo. This package is delivered through email and is also shipped through normal mail (if you have chosen delivery on CD).

For clients who have opted for delivery through email, their logo package is sent within 12-18 hours after confirmation of the outstanding payment.

For clients who have opted for delivery on CD, the CD is shipped within 24 hours which can take upto 14 days to reach their destination. We also send such clients their logo package through email so that they do not have to keep waiting. Please note that the contents of both email and CD packages are the same.

Since different media require different file formats, our logo design package will consist of your approved logo in multiple, industry-standard, web and print-ready file formats. This provides flexible options for you regarding your logo's usage. We also prepare color and black and white versions of your logo design.

We are confident that you will appreciate our designer's creativity and the contents of your logo design package.

You can help us complete your logo quickly

You can also expedite the process by gaining a better understanding of the logo design process. Quick reviews and detailed, knowledgable responses drive our design team to express their creativity in a unique and original manner.

We give you maximum control of the logo development process. This includes the ability to compare the design packages and to choose the features they offer (like stationery design, web site, style manual etc.). So if you are ready, simply order logo design project right now to get the ball rolling.

A world awaits your logo

Once you get hold of your new logo design in major industry-standard file formats, you can take it either to other creative artists to develop your stationery and web site, or better still you can stick with the design team you trust, us.

Besides logo design, our designers also specialize in other areas of graphic design, that is web development, stationery design, brochure development and more. We guarantee to give a spanking new identity to your upstart business or established company.