Logo Design FAQ

Logo Design FAQ


Why should I acquire your services?

In simplest terms, we offer the highest quality logo design and corporate identity development services at a fraction of the cost of what traditional brick-and-mortar design agencies usually charge. We also back this claim with a total satisfaction guarantee.

In what formats will my logo be provided?

We will provide your logo in multiple industry-standard file formats which can instantly be used in your print and web projects. Our logo design package primarily consists of your designs in AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF, EPS, PSD (Adobe Photoshop) JPG and GIF formats. Upon request, we can also provide your designs in specific non-standard file formats absolutely free of charge!

Please read about our logo design package in detail.

How many logo samples do I receive?

You will receive anywhere between 3 - 8 logo concepts depending on the logo design package you choose (fewer for illustrative logos). These concepts will be presented for review through an account on our servers whose log in information will be sent to you by your project manager.

When can I see the initial drafts of my logo?

We will present the initial concepts for review within 4 business days. Please visit our logo design process page to learn in detail about the whole process.

I am in a hurry. Can you rush my logo design?

YES, design projects can be "rushed" for an additional charge of 50% of the package price. Please contact us prior to placing your order.

How many revisions can I ask for my logo during design? What do you mean by unlimited revisions?

Our primary goal is your complete satisfation with your new corporate identity. For this purpose, we will keep making modifications which you request for in your designs till you are satisfied. This unlimited revision offer is available in all our design packages except for the starter SBLD package which allows for limited number of revisions.

What is the difference between a design revision and redraw?

Revisions are modification requests made by the client in their chosen logo concept. These modifications could be any component of the logo, that is, its layout, illustration, typeface, colors etc. Our designers work on the requested modifications and present the revised designs for review within 2 business days.

Redraw is an exceptional situation in which the client can request us to create upto 2 totally new concepts if they are not satisfied with the ones which were initially provided. Please note that request for redraws can only be made before requesting revisions in a logo. It is also to be noted that specific reasons have to be provided for rejecting the initial drafts and requests for redraw.

From experience, we have learnt that need for redraws mostly arises when enough information about the logo has not been provided to the design team so that a gap arises between the logo designer's understanding of the project and client expectations. That is why we request all clients to fill out the design order forms in as much detail as possible.

If you still do not like the redrawn concepts, we will provide you a refund after deducting our service fee. Please see our terms and conditions for details regarding refunds.

What if I have my own idea for a logo design?

We encourage our clients to provide us their own ideas for logos as designs created from these ideas are usually the most satisfactory ones for the clients. For this, reply to the "Please state your ideas for the logo" question in the logo design order form in as much detail as possible.

Can you redraw/vectorize my old logo?

Yes, indeed! Our Small Business Logo Design package is ideal for recreation and repair of existing logos. We will also provide a couple of variations of your existing logo design free of charge so that you can freshen up your corporate identity should you decide to do so.

Will I own the rights to my logo?

Yes! You will own the copyrights to your chosen logo design. We only maintain the right to display it in our portfolio and other advertising materials.

Please note that the rights to material which does not form part of the final logo deliverable, such as concepts, revisions, modifications, rough artwork etc, remain with us.

What is the client/user area?

The client area is a secure area on our website, using which you can review, provide feedback and ask for revisions on your chosen concept. The project manager assigned to you will send you the account login information along with instructions to aid in the review and feedback process.

In which color systems do you provide the final logo designs?

We provide our logo creations in Pantone colors, however you can make a specific request to us to develop your logo in CMYK colors at the start of the project.

What are CMYK or process colors?

Process Colors

CMYK/Process colors are used mainly on print media. In this color system, four basic color inks that is, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, are used to create a virtually unlimited array of colors.

Read more about process colors.

What are Pantone or Spot colors?

Pantone colors

Pantone colors are a type of premade inks (spot colors) which have been created for instant use by Pantone Inc. Spot colors do not have to be blended together like Process colors.

Read more about spot colors.

What if I want my logo in RGB colors?

RGB colors

Yes, we can provide logo designs in this color standard upon request. Please note that items prepared using this color system are not recommended for commerical printing and should only be used in on-screen presentations or on the web.