About Logo Design Next

About Logo Design Next

Founded in 2006, Logo Design Next is committed to provide low-cost design and corporate identity development services to startup and small/mid-sized business entities from around the world. What started as an in-house creative support center of a larger consulting firm, Logo Design Next has now become a full-fledged entity providing the full range of agency-quality design services including logos, stationery, web sites, brochures and other promotional material.

Before LDN, small businesses had either to rely on low-quality work of amateurs or semi-professional freelancers, or if they needed quality, had no choice but to bear exorbitant costs of employing traditional brick-and-mortar creative agencies which put extreme pressure on their smaller fund pools. Logo Design Next has changed this business paradigm and brought agency-quality design services at prices which do not drain the small business owner financially.

Experienced and competent design team

The team of designers working on your projects are graduates of prestigious art schools and have years of experience developing all types of brand identities while working in advertising agencies and multinational media conglomerates.

Unlike some other online design firms, we DO NOT outsource our work to third-parties situated in some foreign land. We are firmly of the belief that quality of work and the required level of service cannot be assured through cost-saving measures like outsourcing.

Full spectrum of services

Since our inception, we have successfully developed hundreds of logos for clients in every industry imaginable. Be it a financial concern or a church event, a college sports team or a non-governmental welfare organization, we have done them all.

A large number of these institutions are so satisfied with our work that they also employ our services for development of further components of their brand identities such as brochures, web sites, signage etc. Through our parent concern, we also provide allied non-branding services such as internet marketing, search engine optimization, web application development and web hosting services.

Commitment to client satisfaction

LDN’s friendly and knowledgeable support team is always available for design consultation and technical support. We proudly assist our clients throughout the process cycle, from placement of order to project finalization and conclusion. Even after completion, we will not stop working for you and if needed, will provide guidance on application of your identity.

We strongly believe in the use of technology to maximize client satisfaction and improving our service levels. For that, we have developed a number of tools and features in the secure user area to streamline the process of communication between client and the design team. This user-friendly system allows for quick review and appraisal of draft designs by the client.